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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Family: How I Proposed

Note: This is old content that was on my old website, long since abandoned. However, now that I've started a blog, it seemed like I should rescue some of this content before it became forever lost. I've edited it slightly. For those hungry for newer content, I'm busy working on the draft of the chapter on skills for Glennworld, and may have some thoughts on this and that to share in the next few days while I'm on vacation.

Liana and I had been dating for about a year, and I'd been meaning to pop the question for some time, but hadn't quite decided how. When Liana went out of town to New Orleans for a business trip, however, I thought my moment was at hand. I went to a convienent jeweler's (Ausman's, next to Pegasus Games), and discovered that I was too picky.

It turns out that if you have any sort of taste at all, you can't get an engagement ring without waiting for them to make it to your specifications, and my specifications were just odd enough that they told me it would be two weeks before the ring was ready. Ouch! Liana got back from her trip, and all I had was flowers and a kiss. The big day would have to wait.

Two weeks later or so, I had her ring (1/2 carat, white gold, sized to fit her by snitching a ring she liked from her jewelery box) in pocket, and felt sufficiently antsy to give this a try.

I made arrangements to pick her up from work, showered, shaved, dressed nicely, but not too nicely. She had figured (read "knew") that something was up, and was also dressed nicely. I picked her up, and we went out to dinner at a pleasant corporate steak place, the Timber Lodge Steakhouse. We dined, chatted, and generally had a good time.

Earlier in the day, I'd offered her the choice of movie, either The Little Mermaid which had returned for a limited engagment during the holiday season, or Mortal Kombat 2. I was happy with either choice, (I thought seeing MK2 on the day I proposed had humor value) but Liana, perhaps wisely, perfered to see my then favorite Disney animated feature. We had a good time there too, and we snuck a quick kiss during the "Kiss the Girl" musical number.

By this point I was feeling kind of nervous.

So, we went home, she slipped into the bathroom, and while she was there, I turned down the lights, and put my CD of the Little Mermaid soundtrack on the stereo, and track-skipped it forward to "Kiss the Girl".

When she returned, I sat down with her on the couch, kissed her passionately, and then got down on one knee, saying "Well, this is it." I then proceded to get the ring out of my pocket, in it's little white box, opened it towards her and said "Liana, will you marry me?"

Liana burst into tears, and I gave her a big hug. We made a lot of emotional noises, kissed each other a few times, at which point, she said "When are you going to stop holding that thing behind my back and put it on my finger?". I sheepishly complied, and we were thus engaged.


At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He neglected to mention (maybe forgot) that he had more for me at the airport then a rose and a kiss - he had also bought me my first Palm OS PDA. Glenn told me later that he had planned for me to turn it on and for it to say on the screen, "Will you marry me?", but the ring wasn't ready in time.

-- Liana


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