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Monday, November 01, 2004

Fun Index

This is a list of all the blog entries about fun diversions, usually with links so you can sample their joys for yourself.

Infographics Music Video

A link to a fascinatingly cool music video done entirely in infographic style.

Gabe on Rick Dees

I reflect on the profile of web comics, and link to five interesting examples.

Latigo Flint, Gunslinger

The stirring (and possibly offensive) tales of the fastest draw that there has ever been.

Elizabeth Moon

Links to various essays and a book sample by Elizabeth Moon.


A website full of amusing flash and video diversions.

20 Questions

A website you can challenge to figure out what you're thinking.

TinyURL fishing

A new way to waste much time online.

Liked and Disliked words

See my liked and disliked words, and suggest your own.

Cool Car Advertisement

A link to a video clip of a dancing car/robot.

This index last updated: 3/22/05


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