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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Family: Hear the Children Sing

Ivy Sings
Ivy's Kindergarten class (and some of the other kindergartners at her school) sang some songs last night at the a program the PTA put on in honor of African-American History Month. I'd been wanting to get some good video of the kids singing for a while now, so I began by taking this opportunity to shoot some footage of them warming up. We then headed over to the school, where I shot about 35 minutes worth of miscellaneous elementary school programming. However, I tend to find this sort of thing interminable, so I tried to edit it down to the bare essentials of the kindergartner's portion. The result is about 5 minutes of video, which I offer for your enjoyment.

Note:If for some reason the Quicktime video link isn't working, you could try this Flash Version instead. It's non-streaming, so be prepared to wait.


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