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Monday, January 03, 2005

Webcomics: Order of the Stick Book

While I have yet to share much of the large list of webcomics that I regularly enjoy, one of my absolute favorites is The Order of the Stick. It's a comic that follows the adventures of a fantasy adventuring party, all the while satirizing some of the more ridiculous or campy elements of gaming in general, and D&D in specific. If you're a gamer, I'd say it's a must-read, but it may well be worth a look even if you're not. (Certainly, if you're a regular reader of Spike's Journal, I can't see how you wouldn't enjoy this as well.)

That said, if you're not into webcomics, or just don't have the bandwidth to forge through the archives, the very good news for today is that Rich Burlew, the creator, is now taking orders for his first book. If he gets enough orders, he says he'll update the strip more often, so everybody wins. I put myself on the pre-preordering list a while ago, and will undoubtedly upgrade to an actual preorder as soon as I get an email notification that it's time to do so.


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