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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Movies: Sin City

Sorry I haven't posted more. My vacation is going well, but I haven't been doing as much writing as I'd planned/wanted. I've got some photos of snowy Missouri to share, and have done some work on the Skills chapter for Glennworld, which I'm still planning on posting soon.

So I've been vaguely aware that there was a Sin City movie coming out for some time, but it's only during the past few days that I've started to get an inkling of just how cool it might be. Robert Rodriguez has directed it, which I didn't know, and apparently he got Tarantino to direct at least one scene. The cast is pretty amazing too, though I'm really curious how well Elijah Wood is going to do as Kevin, a sociopathic serial killer.

What I like most about it is that Rodriguez is going to great pains to recreate the three stories from the graphic novels in the movie as closely as possible. I've even heard it said that the stuff from the comics that doesn't make it into the theatrical release will be included on the DVD. There's a video clip around which has cuts back and forth between scenes from the comic book, and their recreations, and it's pretty amazing stuff. Apparently the first part of this was something of a demo reel, used to convince Frank Miller (Sin City's creator) that the project would be in good hands. Rodriguez feels quite strongly about the project, insisting that Miller get co-director credit, even going so far as to resign from the Director's Guild over it.

Goldie's Sad Fate
Anyway, what finally got me to do a little digging is the official trailer on Apple's trailers page. Well worth a look.

For those interested in more Sin City stuff (and aren't squeamish about violent comics) I highly recommend you check out the source material. (Amazon will actually let you look at the first ten pages or so of each of the books online.) For those who are already familiar with the originals, check out this site, which not only clears up some questions I had about the timeline of the stories, but also includes a bunch of Dark Champions writeups for the main characters, for your gaming pleasure.


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