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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Blog: New Image Link Format

Sample Photo of Ivy & Rose
I've been a little disappointed with how I've been linking to photographs from images in blog. Partially this is because I often want the photos to have captions, which was tricky, and partially it's because I've wanted the images to have drop shadows, which was even more tricky. Most of all, however, it's because I think that people have been missing that the images are usually clickable to bring up a larger version of the photo or image in a popup window.

So, with a little effort and testing, I've put together an image-posting format that accommodates all of my desires except alt tags. (Since it allows for captions, I can live without the alt tags.) For those who are HTML minded, it's a small borderless table, with the main image as a background of a table cell so I can put the "click for larger image" violator on it. I also had to change my Blogger template a bit in order to make it work.

It seems to work well in most things I've tested that don't have trouble with the Blog's style sheets as a whole. However, if it doesn't work for you, please post a comment to let me know, along with what OS and browser you're using.

Update: Well, it didn't seem to be working properly in my copy of Internet Explorer running under Windows 98. I've had to learn more about style sheets in order to fix it, but I think it's working now. One quirk, in other browsers, the whole table is clickable, but in IE, you can only click the little "click for larger image" violator. I'd still welcome feedback from anyone who's seeing it as broken. (12/13/04)


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