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Monday, November 01, 2004

Family Index

This is a list of all the blog entries about my family and personal life.

Ivy 1, Santa 0

In which Ivy learns the shocking truth about Santa Claus.

Hear the Children Sing

Video of Ivy singing with her kindergarten class at a PTA gathering.

Cracking Open the Piggy Bank

Glenn empties his big box of coins, and sees how much is there.

Christmas 2004

A description of our 2004 Christmas happenings.

How I Proposed

The story of how I proposed to Liana.

Multitasking with Rose

Rose surprises me with her vocabulary.

Bragging about Liana and the Girls

I sing my family's praises, and share some anecdotes.

Rose's Cheer Up Song

A poem I wrote for my daughter to cheer her up.

6th Anniversary Poem

A poem I wrote for my wife on the occasion of our sixth anniversary.

How I Met My Wife

The story of how Liana and I met.

This index last updated: 3/22/05


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