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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gaming: New Gaming Wiki

I've been busy setting up a personal mediaWiki server to use for gaming purposes. Right now, it has the beginnings of world information for Avarrè, which is the campaign setting I'm using for playtesting Glennworld. I'm also going to use it to post a copy of the Glennworld rules in-progress, so that people can comment on them or collaborate. (Though I haven't done this yet.) Finally, I may use it to post shared information about other games that are currently in progress.

I have some hopes that if I can get a few people interested in helping me write the Avarrè stuff, it can fairly quickly develop into a more full-fledged RPG gameworld. The first things I need to take care of are maps, and then I believe I'll be moving on to simple descriptions of each of the kingdoms around Avarrè, most of which don't even have names yet. What does exist so far are history, laws, gods, organizations, and the basic calendar.

Anyway, you are all cordially invited to drop by, peruse what's there, and comment or contribute if you see fit. Right now it's running at the fairly unimpressive address of

(This is my first attempt at running any kind of server through my home NAT router, so please let me know if it isn't working, and I'll try to fix it.)


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hey! I'm planning to set up a wiki at my work place. Actually I've already set it up. I don't wanna restrict it to just knowledge sharing space but add some fun stuff. Is there some way to add puzzles, sudoku etc to a wiki. I use mediawiki to set up the wiki page. Let me know, you can mail me at roshan85 at gmail dot com. Any help would be appreciated.


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