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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Movies: Trailer Musings

Well, having seen the new teaser trailer for Fantastic Four, and having commented already on the trailer for Sin City, I'll say now that Jessica Alba as a blonde may not be quite so hard to accept as I had feared. I'll also say that the Thing looks better in action than my initial impressions might have lead me to believe. So, here's hoping.

In other trailer news, some of our winter fare is starting to have trailers in Japan, and the trailer for The Incredibles is pretty interesting because it really seems to present a much more accurate picture of what the movie is about than the American trailer did. I also find the name change to "Mr. Incredible" as the title interesting. I'm also wondering whether スカイキップテン:ワールド・オフ・トゥモロー (sukaikipputen: waarudo ofu tumarou) will make a bigger splash in Japan than it did here. I loved it, and I bet it goes over well with the Japanese, it seems like their kind of thing. And if you've got broadband, it's worth watching the trailer just to hear the announcer say the title in Japanese at the end.


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