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Friday, January 07, 2005

Fun: zefrank

I know, you come, and you come to be amused, yet many times, I disappoint. Many things there are that I wish to post, yet the writing and the doing, sometimes it takes too long, sometimes I procrastinate, sometimes I try, but the words are ungainly and ill-suited for presentation to as fine a guest as you. But still you come, to be (as I said) amused, and if I disappoint, whence shall your amusement spring?

Today, it is my dearest hope that you shall find fresh and to your liking.

While its entertainments are so numerous that even I have yet to sample them all, I especially direct you to Communication #1, which has valuable advice for all who must write business correspondence. I further direct you to Buddhist, Christian, and Athiest, for guidance in your spiritual life. The simple joys of snm #1, are sure to be entrancing, and are suitable even for the very young. Finally, if you are familiar with the so-called "Nigerian spam", you might be interested in this sincere request.


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I *LOVE* the "request". The sounds of a siren in the background especially add to it's charm.

-- Liana


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