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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Photos: Disney Vacation

I've decided to post six pictures a day of my current vacation in DisneyWorld to my Flickr account. The idea is that at the end of each day I'll post the best six photos from that day, with an eye to telling whatever stories can easily be told about the day's events.

I'm calling the set Disney on 6 Photos a Day.

Update: We're back, the rest of the photos from the remaining days should be up soon now that I have easy internet access once again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog: Comment Spam

With some regret, I have turned on Blogger's "Word Verification" feature for comments. I've had to do this because of the recent increase in the amount of comment spam I've been getting. It wasn't so bad when it was just an occasional rogue comment on the most recent post, but the last time I made a small update, a script seized the day and made two comment posts deep in the archives. This is truly obnoxious, and it took me a while to find and delete them.

Verification is done by means of a captcha. This means that in order to leave a comment, you'll need to look at a distorted graphic of a short nonsense word and then type that word into a verification field. You've probably done something similar when registering for certain internet services.

Apologies for the extra (albiet slight) hassle.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Fun: No Purchase, No Pay

Me Cubicle's Share o' Swag
Ahoy, me hearties, and be welcome on board me ship. We're bound for Cape Horn with the tide, and there's work t'be done aplenty.

I'd like to remind ye that there'll be no caterwaulin' over the hardships o' the voyage, for each and ev'ry one of ye is entitled to yer fair share of the booty should we take a fat galleon. Heave away lads and lasses, for our fair prey awaits!

In celebration of our voyage, I prepar'd various libations, and gath'red all me booty from past voyages to take into the office where I usually spend me days. I believe me coworkers, lubbers all, were amused rather than awed, so ye'll be happy to know that I have a full schedule of keelhaulins' to round out our day's festivities!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fun: Some Links

I hope everyone's been enjoying the photo of the day. I've made a few improvements to the popup image, so that it should (in general) scale down to the size of the window. I've been using rather large images for most of the photos, and was worried that the title was getting lost off the right and that the text at the bottom required too much scrolling back and forth to easily read. Now, big images should be scaled to the width of the window. You'll still have to scroll up and down for the vertical format photos, but hopefully not left and right. (Try resizing the window, I like how dynamic it is on most modern browsers.)

While I continue ruminating over my upcoming post about the Katrina, politics, economics and the environment, here are some amusing links to tide you over:

  • Onion's 2004 parody becomes today's reality (via

  • I highly recommend the Renaissance Festival Music Podcast, especially the three pirate editions. If you're looking for great music in support of Monday's Talk Like a Pirate Day, look no further. My favorite pirate song so far? "Hellship" by the Pyrates Royale.

    Oh, it's a hellship, with a bully mate,
    the bastard son of malice and hate,
    the captain's the worst that's ever been born,
    and together we're sailing around Cape Horn.

    The first mate, if he don't like your face,
    You'll find yourself in a far worse place,
    At the bottom of the sea with your head stove in,
    by capstan bar, or belaying pin.

  • The new iTunes interface from the perspective of Brushed Metal. (Link fixed)

I also have four new web comics to recommend, three of which stick close to traditional comic book formatting:

  • Gossamer Commons, about a writer who sees a fairy and is thus marked for death. Very narrative.

  • Fantasy Realms is an amazingly well drawn manga-style comic. This one may have been derailed by Katrina, though.

  • Fallen. Beautiful art, complicated storyline, sporadic updates.

  • Alpha Shade. Drawn in Flash, very cool alternate world setting, and an extremely well-implemented comic browser.

More Soon!