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Monday, November 01, 2004

Photo Index

This is a list of all the blog entries containing my photographs. Note that all of these in-post images can be clicked to see a larger version of the photo, whether it says so in the text of the post or not.

Summer Activities

A post on my wife's blog with a lot of summer photos. Includes some nice Bristol shots.

Confusion Quarterly, Summer 2005

Confusion Quarterly pdfs, which have a lot of my photos in them.

Oddcon 2005

Five pictures from the Sci-Fi con, plus a link to a gallery of many more.

Christmas 2004

Four pictures, including some of my kids in the snow.

New Image Link Format

Ivy and Rose running in arboretum.

Multitasking with Rose

Rose with pizza and blocks.

Bragging about Liana and the Girls

A good photo of my wife and kids.

Crescent City Grill 4th Anniversary

6 photos taken at CCG, three of plated food, one of the chefs, one of Liana and I (taken by Ben) and one of Mark and Melissa.

How I met my Wife

2 photos, one of Liana and I shortly after we met (taken by my mother), and another more recent photograph by me.

Smithsonian Contest-Natural World

Six potential photographs for entry in the Smithsonian's photo contest in the Natural World category.

This index last updated: 1/5/05


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