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Friday, November 05, 2004

Gaming: Spike's Journal passes 1,000 visits.

While I've been getting this new blog underway, Spike's Journal has quietly passed 1,000 visits, so I thought I'd throw up a plug for it here.

Spike's Journal is a blog written from the perspective of one of my D&D characters, Spike Alleyspawn, who has found himself, with his companions, trapped in The World's Largest Dungeon. Spike is a fairly amoral sort, and many seem to find his somewhat skewed perceptions of events around him amusing. (He also periodically makes Ferengi-style rules to guide his conduct, and they and the stories behind them are pretty funny too.)

For those who've already read some of Spike's musings, I've added a new entry, and another should be following soon, since we game tonight, and I don't want to fall further behind in my journaling efforts.


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