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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Music: Tunes in the Blogosphere

I consider my tastes in music quite eclectic. I like a lot of stuff, and in the past few days I've been to some great new stuff courtesy of people's blogs. Firstly, Ober Dicta, my friend Seth's blog, has been linking to a great amount of music, including two humorous ballads from the point of view of evil masterminds. ("Skullcrusher Mountain" is the better of the two, I think.)

In addition, Claudia Jane recently posted a very flattering link to Glenn's Junk Chest, and I decided to dig a little bit more into her blog and ended up listening to song samples from her CD, Identity Crisis. Some really good stuff there, I especially like "Top Step".

The most interesting thing about this for me is that this is really a pretty big shift in how I find and listen to music. Historically, I listened to the radio, and occasionally bought a CD. While that still happens, more and more I listen to the radio when I'm in my car, and when I feel like listening to something I select, it's often something weird that I stumbled across on the web, like MC Frontalot. His song "Which MC was that?" gives me such a feeling of pure joy when I listen to it that I'll stack it up against anything mainstream.
yo the moniker is MC Frontalot
I got a +1 bag of nerdcore hiphop
and my mail list busted a hundred so I'm famous
it's unbelievable nobody know what my name is
The other nice thing is that a lot of this stuff isn't afraid to get funny, political, or serious, which is something that always seems gimicky on the radio, but seems more genuine here. A lot of Claudia's songs are about fairly serious topics, and Frontalot gets unabashedly socio-political with songs about the war in Iraq, marijuana, and homosexual tolerance. Check them out.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Seth said...

Ah, "Skullcrusher Mountain". I just listened to that and Coulton's "Mandlebrot Set" on the way into work. Good stuff.

There is an incredible variety of artists online and more and more MP3 blogs coming out of the woodwork these days. I've been surfing online music and listening to it almost exclusively for six months or so, and found a lot of great treasures I would have never found at Barnes & Noble or Best Buy (french rap! obscure only-on-vinyl out-of-print R&B! indy artists not yet in wide release!) In the early days I was afraid to share too many links for fear that I would add to the sites' bandwidth burden and take away sources of great music, but I think that's going to change soon. Keep an eye on my page.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Claudia Jane said...

Glenn thanks so much for your comments! And for the time you took to browse my Internet world.


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