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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Politics: The President Takes Action

While I was on my vacation Saturday, the President was attending a diplomatic function, and one of his secret service agents became embroiled in a fracas. It seems that the security around the function wasn't going to let them in, and the secret service agent, understandably enough, was insistent that he remain by the President. It was, by CNN's account, starting to turn a little ugly.

The President, heedless of any potential dangers, took direct action. He reached into the fray, grabbed his bodyguard, irritatedly dragged him free, and then headed inside for dinner, secret service agent in tow. After reading this account, I thought to myself, "I can admire that. The Prez said to himself, 'this is bullshit', and solved the problem in a forthright fashion."

Reflecting on it some more, I still think it shows an admirable quality, but I think it also shows why he makes such a dangerous Commander-in-Chief. Heedless direct action is not the friend of diplomacy, and it seems to be the President's answer to questions both large and small.


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