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Monday, November 01, 2004

Political Rants Index

This is a list of all the blog entries with my thoughts on politics and social issues. More recent entries are toward the top.

Operation Falcon

The war on drugs continues, though it seems people would rather pretend it was something else they were fighting.

Fiddling while Rome Burns

I get pretty irate about the wasteful legislative effort that's being made on behalf of someone who effectively died 15 years ago.

Failing to Make Tough Choices

I lament the structural problems that prevent our democracy from making painful decisions even when they're clearly needed.

Evolution in Public Schools

I admire a judge's rationale for striking down a "evolution is a theory" sticker.

The President Takes Action

An incident in the news makes me reflect upon the fact that good qualities in a person are not always good qualities in a leader.

The National Debt

Sometimes I think money is tight for me, but I shudder to think of what it's going to be like for my children, limping along under the burden of our current economic mismanagement.

The 2004 Exit Poll Discrepancy

I express my concerns about the difference between the exit polls and the results, and offer someone's scholarly paper on the subject.

Beware Systemic Disenfranchisement

A story about plans to punish profanity in school harshly reminds me that not enough concern is given to possible discriminatory consequences of this kind of rule.

Courting the Religious Vote

My concerns about the Democratic party at what they will do now regarding the "moral issues" vote.

Wedge Issues of the 1860s

A few thoughts about how the current gay marriage wedge issue compares with a wedge issue from an earlier century.

2004 Post-Election Thoughts

My thoughts on polarization, wedge issues, and the mechanics of government, immediately after the 2004 election.

This index last updated: 3/22/05


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