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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Photos: Crescent City Grill 4th Anniversary

My favorite restaurant had a 4th anniversary dinner last night, and Liana and I had reservations. For the dinner, they got a lot of the chefs from Madison-area restaurants to come and each make a dish, for an eight-course meal. In addition to eight courses of truly delicious food, they also had a paired wine for each course, an amuse-bouche, and three Intermezzos. It took almost 4 hours for the whole meal to be served, and I think everybody had a great time.

Nate Herndon, the executive chef, asked me to take some photos, so I took quite a few more than I normally would have for my own purposes. I'm giving him a CD full of them, and it's possible that they'll pop up elsewhere as a result of that, but here are six I like for my blog.

Yum! Because I wasn't really geared up for full-on studio work, all the photos are taken available light at 1600 ISO, which means that they are a little grainy, but it certainly gives the "dark restaurant" feel to them.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Glenn said...

amuse-bouche \a-'myuz bush\ [Fr. amuse the mouth] 1: a small bite before the meal begins. 2: greeting of the Chef de cuisine.

intermezzos n. pl. 1: A brief entertainment between two acts of a play; an entr'acte. 2: A short movement separating the major sections of a lengthy composition or work.

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Elle D said...

Greaat post thanks


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